Flyer advertising FREE School Meals for anyone age 18 or younger until December 31st!

We are pleased to announce that Fayetteville Public Schools will offer FREE MEALS FOR ALL CHILDREN THROUGH DECEMBER 31st. The FPS Child Nutrition program will offer free meals to all children 18 years and younger through temporary Federal program flexibility.  

Siblings of FPS students and other children in the community are eligible for free 5-day meal packs. Orders for siblings of FPS students will be placed through through their sibling’s account. Please call FPS Child Nutrition at (479) 684-5091 to order meals for your child if there is no student enrolled in FPS.

SHOULD I COMPLETE A MEAL BENEFIT APPLICATION? Yes, it is still very important to submit your meal benefit application now. Your child’s meal benefit status will go into effect after December 31, 2020, or when the federal program flexibility ends. Free and reduced meal percentages directly affect school funding for programs and resources such as school nurses, Title I programming, eligibility for additional grants, and grants for students. Please watch the Meal Benefit video for helpful instructions on completing the application.

Please visit the Meal Services webpage under COVID-19 for more information, including how to order meals.