Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can use the Wellness Clinic at Owl Creek?
Currently, we are seeing all students, faculty, and staff of Fayetteville Public Schools.

2) How do I pay for services?

  • If you have private insurance, we will take your copay and bill your insurance provider
  • If you are uninsured, you will provide proof of income and we will place you on a sliding scale payment discount through Community Clinic in Springdale.
  • If your child has ARKids (Arkansas Medicaid for Children) we will bill Medicaid for services if Community Clinic is your primary care provider.


  • Private insurance will pay their usual copay
  • Medicaid and ARKids B will pay usual copay
  • Uninsured children will pay no copay, but will be billed according to sliding scale discount.

3) My child does not go to Owl Creek. How will he or she get there?
The clinic prefers that the child is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, however, we understand that most parents work and are unable to transport their children to the clinic, or have no reliable means of transportation. The district has social workers who are available if needed for safe transport of your child in your absence. Please remember that your child MUST have a signed consent for treatment form on file for your child to be seen without a parent or legal guardian present.

4) I already have a primary care provider. Do I need to switch?
We are not in competition with your PCP, rather we want to complement community health care providers to provide the best overall care for your child. We are here to provide services for students that are undeserved and have unmet health needs. We provide:

  • Physicals
  • Immunizations for uninsured and those covered by ARKids
  • Acute illness diagnosis and treatment

If you or your child needs to be seen for an acute illness, in some cases (depending on your PCP), it will be necessary to contact your primary care provider first to see if their schedule allows you to be seen right away. If they are unable to accommodate you, our nurse practitioner will see you and collaborate with your PCP directly to provide you with the most efficient and appropriate treatment.

If your child is without a primary care physician (PCP) or you want to change their PCP, the FPS Wellness & Education Clinic can become their primary health care provider.

5) As an FPS employee, can I access the clinic?
Yes, FPS employees are eligible to access the clinic. If you are without a primary care physician (PCP) or you want to change your PCP, the FPS Wellness & Education Clinic can become your primary health care provider.

6) What is the difference between the School Nurse's office and The FPS Wellness & Education Clinic?
School-based wellness clinics are not the same as the school nurse's office. They are separate but associated primary health care centers able to treat and resolve student, faculty, and staff health problems, staffed with a Nurse Practitioner, registered nurse, licensed mental health professional and administrative assistant. School nurses often refer students to the school-based wellness clinic, along with school counselors. Located on school grounds, FPS Education and Wellness Clinic offers comprehensive, confidential physical and mental health services to students. Students cannot use the services of the school based wellness clinics unless a signed parent permission form is on file.

7) What is the difference between a school counselor and the school-based wellness clinic counselor?
School counselors are in charge of character building, classroom intervention, benchmark testing, and group therapy within the school. They have to have been a teacher for at least 3 years and receive licensing to be a school counselor. They can refer children or families to our wellness clinic counselor. The FPS Wellness & Education Clinic counselor is a licensed mental health professional who can diagnose and treat with individual, family or group therapy. She sees only students of Owl Creek, but is able to refer other individuals to the Ozark Guidance Center.