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Kids who start the day hungry are nearly twice as likely to have a conflict with peers and to fall into disruptive behaviors in class. The goal with Breakfast-to-Go is to create a family-like environment for breakfast to encourage more children to eat.. Owl Creek has seen a 106% increase in the student participation in the breakfast program this year compared to last year. In addition, there are fewer nurse referrals for stomach aches in the morning hours, NO students visiting the social worker’s office asking for food before lunch, & fewer reports of discipline issues in classes.

A kindergarten teacher noted, "Students this year are not asking when lunch is! I think it is because they are actually eating their breakfast now. There were too many distractions in the cafeteria; I think they were still hungry when they came to class at 7:45."

Middle School students, too, often were at risk for skipping breakfast because they were running late or weren’t hungry when they first got up. "I appreciate knowing that my daughter doesn’t have to grab something on the way out the door to eat in the car on the way to school. She is going to get a good, nutritious breakfast to start her day, " noted a working parent.

*All students at Owl Creek are encouraged to enjoy a breakfast at no charge.