A Note from the Nurse, 

A second Meningococcal vaccine is due after your child’s 16th birthday.  If they haven’t had one yet,  then only one is required after the age of 16.  If you choose not to vaccinate your child for this, we need to have a current exemption form on file at school which can be found on the Department of Health website. Please print and sign the exemption form and bring to the school for notarization.

There is a student health information sheet included in the registration packet.  Please fill this out completely and talk to the nurse specifically if your son or daughter requires an inhaler for asthma, an EpiPen for allergies, or has an insulin pump and requires frequent blood sugar checks.  

I can give over-the-counter medications only if I have a brand new bottle with your child’s name on it and you fill out a Medication Administration Form and sign it.  If your child requires other medication, please call my office and we can set up a schedule that works.

Sara Widmer RN, BSN

ALLPS Nurse 479-445-1222.