Life Academy- Arkansas

Life Academy Program is a college preparation course that helps individuals with a high school diploma and/or a GED to prepare for further college transitioning.

Arkansas Baptist College is accredited college institution. Students attend an accelerated program for ten (10) weeks to earn 12 hours of college credit. The classes meet one day per week for four (4) hours. Course offerings include:
A. Business Communications - Learn how to communicate the business world!
B. Intro to Business - Learn the necessary skills and knowledge for college and career success!
C. Intro to Business Entrepreneurship - Learn how to start, manage, and fund your own business!
D. Human Growth and Development - Search for Significance, confirm and develop your talents!

Upon completion of the program, students may transfer as a college student to their institution of choice. College hours are transferable per attending institutions rules and regulations.

Cost to attend is FREE for those who qualify for a PELL GRANT

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