In an effort to provide students access to opportunities to compete athletically at the collegiate level, Fayetteville Public School offers free software that tracks and prepares students academically for playing college sports, known as We are requesting that all students interested in pursuing college athletics fill out a memorandum of understanding that can be found HERE. This form must be filled out by the student using their school email account and once the form is submitted, instructions will be sent to your child on how to register for a account and begin the process of tracking NCAA initial eligibility.

Additionally, Fayetteville High School has developed an NCAA Initial-Eligibility Resources website that provides information on the roles and responsibilities of students, parents, coaches, and counselors during the eligibility process. Resources include short video webinars as well as a texting feature to stay up to date on important information.

If your child is interested in pursuing participation in NCAA/NAIA athletics, please have them complete the memorandum of understanding as soon as possible. If you have specific questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact Bobby Smith, FHS Assistant Principal, at