Mr. David McClure, Principal Woodland Junior High School


CELEBRATING OUR PRINCIPALS! Meet David McClure! This is Mr. McClure’s ninth year as principal of Woodland Junior High School and his 26th year in education! Mr. McClure has served fourteen years as an administrator and twelve as a teacher and coach. Read on to find out MORE about Mr. McClure!!

Q:  What would students and parents be surprised to find out about you?😮
A:  I like to go to concerts with my family!

Q:  What is one of your favorite go-to feel-good movies? 🍿
A:  My favorite go-to feel-good movie is "Christmas Vacation"!

Q:  What is your favorite memory as a principal so far? ✨
A:  When I see a former student in the community and they are doing well.

Q:  What is your favorite dish from the cafeteria? 😋
A:  Nachos!

Q:  If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share? 🦉
A:  Being good at extracurricular activities is a good thing, and being good in school academically is a great thing, but being a good person is the most important thing and you get to make that choice every day.

Q:  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 🗺️
A:  New Zealand

Q:  Is there a quote or saying that you live your life by? 🧬
A:  “Children need models, not critics.” -John Wooden